fitness bracelet

What features are most important in a fitness bracelet

fitness bracelet

People are increasingly thinking about a healthy lifestyle and getting in shape, and the best assistant in this, no doubt, can be a smart wearable device. Fitness bracelets appeared on the mass market not so long ago. Previously, they were used mainly only by athletes and representatives of certain professions. Such devices today have quite a lot of possibilities. But what features are really needed and useful?

The most popular features of fitness bracelets are sleep monitoring, pedometer, smart alarm clock, calorie counter, pressure measurement, heart rate monitor, blood oxygen saturation level measurement. And they will become really useful for the average consumer who plays sports and takes care of his health.

The sleep monitoring function does not directly affect sleep, however, it provides data that can be used to adjust its mode and quality in general. The depth and duration of the phases, with a competent study of the topic, will provide information to improve your condition.

A smart alarm clock  will not be useful to everyone. If you already have a well-defined regimen, then you won’t need it. He will help those who are constantly on the road, because of work they cannot get up and go to bed at the same time, suffer from post-traumatic disorder, and regularly have nightmares.

To  measure the pressure  in the fitness bracelet, special sensors with green LEDs are installed. They help to accurately determine the pressure in motion.

Often, high blood pressure is a sign of poor sleep or overwork, and low blood pressure is hunger or dehydration. What to do in this case, the application of the fitness bracelet itself will probably tell you, or you can go through a one-time consultation with a doctor to know the algorithm of actions for such cases.

When losing weight or gaining weight,  a calorie counter and a pedometer will help a lot . And these functions have already become basic for fitness bracelet models. Different models differ only in the quality of sensors and the algorithm for calculating indicators.

Finally, fitness trackers also have  dust and moisture protection . It is best to take a model with protection according to the IP68 standard, since the bracelet is often used in the most extreme conditions, and, for example, swimmers will be able to track the quality of their training.

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