0 internet service providers have not paid royalty and RTDF fees

90 internet service providers have not paid royalty and RTDF fees

It has been found that 90 different internet service providers have not paid royalties or rural telecommunication development funds. By publishing a notice on Thursday, the regulatory Nepal Telecommunication Authority published the list of service providers who have not paid the revenue due to the state.

Among them are 90 service providers, including Classic Tech, Vianet, Dish Media Network, Websurfer, WiFi Nepal, Techminds Network, and Sky Broadband.

According to the audited financial statement of the financial year 2079/80, these service providers have not submitted the royalty amount of 4 percent of the total income and the rural telecommunication development fund amount of 2 percent within the specified time limit.

Earlier, a correspondence was sent to pay by the end of January 2080, but the revenue has not been filed so far, so the authority has been instructed to pay the amount along with the additional fee of 2 months, which will be charged by the end of February 2080 as per the rules.

According to this, it has been requested to deposit the amount for royalty in the revenue account of the Ministry of Communication and Information Technology and the amount for the Rural Telecommunication Development Fund in the account of the authority.

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Also, it has been informed to compulsorily register and inform the authority, along with the receipt of the royalty amount filed in the ministry, the receipt of the RTDF amount filed in the authority’s account, and the audited financial statement.

List Of internet service providers have not paid royalty and RTDF fees


Name of the LicenseeS.No. Name of the LicenseeS.No. Name of the Licensee
1Acme Technical Institute Pvt. Ltd.31I. Zone Pvt. Ltd.61Prime Network Pvt. Ltd.
2Aone Network Pvt. Ltd.32I4 Technologies Pvt. Ltd.62Rapid Unique Network Pvt. Ltd.
3Beni Communications Pvt. Ltd.33Itel Networks Pvt. Ltd.63Regmi Media Inc. Pvt. Ltd.
4Big Marshyandi Net Pvt. Ltd.34Japan Nepal Inf. Commun. Technology Pvt. Ltd.64Sarathi Communications Network Pvt. Ltd.
5Bihunkot Internet Pvt. Ltd.35Kalika Net Pvt. Ltd.65Shangrila Informatics Pvt. Ltd.
6Broad Band Nepal Pvt. Ltd.36Khaptad Net Pvt. Ltd.66Shikhar Net Pvt. Ltd.
7Broad Link Network & Commun. Pvt. Ltd.37Konnect Nepal Networks Pvt. Ltd.67Simple Intelligent System and Technology Pvt. Ltd.
8Broadband Solutions Pvt. Ltd.38Kriti Darshan Media Pvt. Ltd.68Simple Media Network Pvt. Ltd.
9C. Data Communication Pvt. Ltd.39Life Net Pvt. Ltd.69Sinko I.T. Engineering Pvt. Ltd.
10C. G. Communications Pvt. Ltd.40Loop Networks Pvt. Ltd.70SITA BV 
11Cherry World Communication Pvt. Ltd.41Lumbini Max Digital Pvt. Ltd.71Sky Broadband Pvt. Ltd.
12Classic Tech Pvt. Ltd.42Mercantile Communications Pvt. Ltd.72Smart Link Network Pvt. Ltd.
13Communications & Communicate Nepal Pvt. Ltd.43Meta Link Pvt. Ltd.73SmartLink Telecommunications Pvt. Ltd.
14Cosmic Net Pvt. Ltd.44Metrolink Business Group Pvt. Ltd.74Super Sitapaila Cable Net Pvt. Ltd.
15Dish Media Network Limited45Mithila Digital Nepal Pvt. Ltd.75Supereight Networks Pvt. Ltd.
16Divine Stream Network Pvt. Ltd.46Neolink Pvt. Ltd.76Swift Net Pvt. Ltd.
17Dolphin Net Communication Pvt. Ltd.47Nepal Digital Service Pvt. Ltd.77Techminds Network Pvt. Ltd.
18EastLink Technology Pvt. Ltd.48Nepal Net Sanchar. 78Telnet Internet Pvt. Ltd.
19E-link Net Pvt. Ltd.49Nepal Wireless 79Udaya Cable Network Pvt. Ltd.
20Everest Link Pvt. Ltd.50Nepalink Communication Pvt. Ltd.80Ultranet Communication Pvt. Ltd.
21Everest Wireless Network Pvt. Ltd.51Net Max Technologies Pvt. Ltd.81Unified Communication Pvt. Ltd.
22Fast Speed Link Network Pvt. Ltd.52Next Geeks Pvt. Ltd.82Unite Networks Pvt. Ltd.
23Fiber Net Communications Pvt. Ltd.53Nimble Network Pvt. Ltd.83Vianet Communications Pvt. Ltd.
24Fibertel Fibernet Pvt. Ltd.54Numbur Network Pvt. Ltd.84Virtual Network Pvt. Ltd.
25Fiberworld Communication Pvt. Ltd.55Oasis Broadband Internet Pvt. Ltd.85Web Surfer Nepal Communications System Pvt. Ltd.
26G.R.S.Link Internet Service Pvt. Ltd.56P.D.S. Server Network Pvt. Ltd.86Wifi Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
27Gandaki Communication Pvt. Ltd.57Pals Network Pvt. Ltd.87Wifi Tech Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
28Goreto Communication Pvt. Ltd.58Parsa Telecommunication Pvt. Ltd. 88World Fiber Net Pvt. Ltd.
29Hawk Net Pvt. Ltd.59Pathibhara Network Pvt. Ltd.89Yes, Net Nepal Pvt. Ltd.
30Himalayan Online Services Pvt. Ltd.60Pokhara Internet Pvt. Ltd.90Zishan Network Pvt. Ltd.

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