cost to study engineering in Nepal

How much does it cost to study engineering in Nepal?

Engineering in Nepal?

According to the Nepal Engineering Council (NEC), there are 57 types of engineers registered in the country. However, only about a dozen engineering courses are conducted in Nepal. Also, only a few engineering subjects related to information technology (IT) are in operation. But the fees for all these engineering courses are different according to the university. Also, there is a difference in the fees for the same course in the affiliated and non-affiliated colleges of the university.

NEC has been legally established to plan, develop, and monitor the engineering profession and education. But NEC registrar Shiv Mangalgiri says that he does not have any role in setting the course syllabus and fee set by the university, and the university can do that work itself. However, he says that NEC will do the work of registering the engineers who pass from there and taking sides for their rights.

On the other hand, the University Grants Commission (UGC) has been established to promote, facilitate, and enhance the quality of higher education in the country. According to Secretary Shankar Prasad Bhandari, the commission also does not regulate the fees charged by universities. Instead, he says, he should do things like measure quality and help universities develop according to global standards.

Universities have their own rules and regulations. Based on that, they conduct their various activities. Therefore, the universities can create, conduct, and set the fees for their customized courses. Colleges affiliated with any of the universities can also set their own fees. Therefore, experts say that there is no uniformity in the fees for engineering courses in Nepal.

According to the Dean of the School of Engineering at Kathmandu University, Prof. Dr. Manish Pokharel,

“At a glance, it seems that KU charges more fees than other universities,” he says, “but the colleges affiliated with those universities charge much more than us.” There is a misconception in the public mind that KU charges more fees in Nepal. Which is wrong.”

Likewise, the Dean of the Engineering Faculty of Purvanchal University, Prof. e. Devi Prasad Bhattarai, also seems to agree with Pekharel. According to him, the location of the college conducting the course, the importance of the course, etc. also have an effect on the fee. According to him, affiliated colleges can charge their own fees, and the university has no role in it.

Today we are giving information about which universities are running what kind of engineering courses and how much their fees are:

Computer Engineering 

In Nepal, this course is being conducted at Tribhuvan University, Kathmandu University, Pokhara University, Midwestern University, and Sudurpaschim University.

This course is being conducted in 14 affiliated and affiliated colleges of the University, where the cost of this course ranges from 3 to 9 lakh rupees. However, the Institute of Engineering Studies (IOE) of this university has decided to increase the fees of all engineering courses for this academic session.

If the IOE increases the fee, the minimum fee for that course will be seven and a half lakh. Similarly, seven affiliated colleges under Purvanchal University are teaching this program.

Studying at those colleges costs Rs 6 to 10 lakh. Kathmandu University, Pekhara University, Midwestern Regional University and Far West University will cost 850,000, 6 to 10,000, 473,000 and 300,000 respectively. 

Electronics, Communication, and Information Engineering

It is taught in the 12 affiliated colleges of Tribhuvan University. It takes from 3.5 to 6 lakhs for this course on private campuses and from 6 lakhs to 9 lakhs in private colleges.

Similarly, Purvanchal University is conducting this course under the name Bachelor in Electronics, Communication, and Automation Engineering’. It costs 6–9 lakh rupees to study this course in the five affiliated colleges of this university.

Electrical Engineering

In Nepal, this course is being conducted in affiliated colleges of Tribhuvan University. Its fee ranges from three to nine lakh rupees, depending on the college.

In the same year, Kathmandu University is running ‘Electrical and Electronics Engineering’ with a specialization in Power, Control, and Communication’.

It costs 850,000 rupees to complete this course. Likewise, Pokhara University is conducting the same course under the name ‘BE Electronics and Communication’. It costs 6–8 lakh rupees to study in the six affiliated colleges of this university.

Manmohan Technical University, located in Morang district, is also running an Electrical and Electronics Engineering’ course. The university charges five lakh 75 thousand rupees for this course.

Software Engineering

This subject is being conducted in the three affiliated colleges of Pokhara University. It costs five to nine lakh rupees to study this subject.

On its own central campus, the university charges Rs. 587,000 for this course.

B.Tech. in Environmental Engineering

This subject is being conducted under the Department of Environmental Science and Engineering at Kathmandu University. The fee for this four-year course is 8.5 lakh rupees.

On the whole, the fee for the engineering course conducted by Nepali University seems to be between three and 13–14 lakh rupees. It is found that the fee for the same course is higher at the affiliated colleges as compared to the central campus and individual campuses of the university.

Universities and colleges provide scholarships to certain students studying engineering. 

Engineering courses conducted by universities in Nepal and their fees are also given in the table below. Even if it is published by the universities, it may not match the fees of affiliated colleges.

Cost to study engineering in Nepal

S.NuniversityCourseFee (in Rs.)
1Tribhuvan University– Computer Engineering  Electronics, Communication, and Information Engineering
– Electrical Engineering
-Mechanical Engineering
-Aerospace Engineering
-Chemical Engineering
-Industrial Engineering  Geomatics Engineering
-Agricultural Engineering 
-Automobile Engineering
-Architecture Engineering 
-Civil Engineering
3 to 9 lakh rupees (Architecture and aerospace fees are higher than other engineering fees.)
2Eastern University– Computer Engineering -Electrical Engineering Electronics, Communication, and Automation Engineering Geomatics Engineering -Civil Engineering -Architecture Engineering 5 lakhs, 50 Thousand (Architecture engineering is more than others.)
3Kathmandu UniversityGeomatics Engineering -Computer Engineering -Mining Engineering -Civil Engineering -Architecture Engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering -Mechanical Engineering -Chemical Engineering8 lakh 50 thousand   (Architecture engineering is $970 thousand.)  
Pokhara University– Civil Engineering
– Civil and Rural Engineering  
– Computer Engineering 
– Software Engineering 
– Electronics and Communication
6 lakh, 23 thousand
6 lakh, 23 thousand
5 lakh, 87 thousand 5 lakh, 87 thousand 5 lakh, 87 thousand
5Midwest University– Civil Engineering -Hydropower Engineering -Computer Engineering4 lakh 87 thousand
6Far Paschimanchal University– Computer Engineering  -Civil Engineering3 lakh
7Man Mohan Technical University– Civil Engineering Electrical and Electronics Engineering5 lakh, 75 thousand
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